The latest craze to overtake social media is Mediterranean cuisine. With Instagram and health influencers posting and capturing the physical essence of this beneficial cuisine, it’s safe to say that it has been around for ages…. probably since the dawn of civilization.

As Italians, we believe that our cuisine is possibly the world’s healthiest, and we are never too shy to boast about it. After all there must be a reason for it being constantly ranked one of the top diets in the world!

Egotistical you say? 

Let us prove to you, why a cuisine that incorporates each and every food group is the way to follow. First of all, let’s just say it’s simpler and healthier! How you ask…

Reason 1. Because science proves so...

Scientific research shows that people from poorer regions of Italy were reasonably healthier compared to those from wealthy western areas of the globe, alarming you say? Their research focused on the difference in food. Eating more processed foods and deep-fried meats lost out to eating the Italian way!

Reason 2. The first step towards glowing skin 

Italians are known for their youthful, flawless and year-round healthy glowing skin. If you’ve ever wondered about their secret… look no further. Thy owe it to their daily routine food items which include, Vitamin E rich olive oil that helps nourish the skin, or cherry tomatoes that have skin cell protecting properties reducing damage caused by sun exposure.

Reason 3. Disease? What disease!

According to research, foods that consist of monosaturated fats and fiber like fruits, vegetables and olive oil have proven to lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol as well as reduce strokes. Moreover, the antioxidants found in healthy fats and food promoted by this cuisine helps reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

Reason 4. Eat your way to happiness

What goes on in your mind and affects your mood is directly proportional to what goes into your body! Psychology studies have established that eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and cooking with olive oil, increases people’s positive moods, this was compared to diets that were packed with sodas and fast food. People suffering from mood disorders are sometimes advised change their diet for just this reason.

Reason 5. Makes your journey through weight loss a lot easier

Keeping an eye on your weight is always a good idea, whether it is just to keep up your appearance or just staying healthy. It has been recorded that after a year, consistent followers of this diet lost about 9 to 22 pounds, with of course the incorporation of physical exercise. 

The key reason is because the Mediterranean diet isn’t a restrictive one. For the most part you can eat practically everything as long as you pay attention to portion sizes, even carbs are encouraged!

Reason 6. To live a few more years

Telomeres are caps at the end of each strand of DNA that have been associated with cellular ageing. Studies have suggested that followers of the Mediterranean diet surprisingly have longer telomeres, therefore having increased life expectancies. This is because of the small portions of red meat and dairy included in this diet. 1 in 10 people living on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea in Italy amazingly live till a ripe age of 100!!


With that we rest our case… but if you aren’t sure on how to make your Mediterranean eating experience both healthy and tasty at the same time, come into Lounge Café Italiano to see how it’s done the authentic Italian way!

Ciao till next time!