The latest craze to overtake social media is Mediterranean cuisine. With Instagram and health influencers posting and capturing the physical essence of this beneficial cuisine, it’s safe to say that it has been around for ages…. probably since the dawn of civilization.

As Italians, we believe that our cuisine is possibly the world’s healthiest, and we are never too shy to boast about it. After all there must be a reason for it being constantly ranked one of the top diets in the world!

Egotistical you say? 

Let us prove to you, why a cuisine that incorporates each and every food group is the way to follow. First of all, let’s just say it’s simpler and healthier! How you ask…

In our last blog, we gave you’ll a sneak peak of a creative and surprisingly easy pasta dish idea, that our chef on a slow summers day started playing around with.

In this post, we go a further step to give you the A-Z of creating an exciting and delightful pasta dish that will definitely make everyone seated around the dining table… including the fussy, vegetable hating little ones begging for more!!

Without more ado, here is a take of one of our fun and playful colorful pasta recipes that will sure add color to your Italian experience.

Paccheri alla Norma

Our Pasta alla Norma tries to be as similar as possible to traditional recipes. For us it's a must to use only fresh Italian ingredients. We start cutting the eggplants into medium size cubes that we then fry in extra virgin olive oil. We put them aside after they are done frying. Alternatively, for a lighter version, you can bake eggplants in the oven for twenty minutes at 170 degrees seasoned with olive oil and salt. 

Food speaks louder than words and nothing says Italy like its food, just like nothing says Italian food like pasta! 

Pasta oh Pasta… A dish that has of course always been an absolute Italian favorite and even though it has become a common household food since the 1840’s we not surprisingly just never seem to have enough of it!

The art of the Neapolitan 'Pizzaiuolo' - pizza maker - has been put on UNESCO’s prestigious Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

The art of Pizzaiuolo - which has been handed down for generations in Naples, southern Italy - was approved by the UN cultural body’s world heritage committee, which met on the South Korean island of Jeju.

The best comfort food when you feel homesick or you just crave for some authentic Italian taste.

It is said that the best ideas are born from mistakes and this is particularly true in the kitchen. Sometimes errors can lead to new amazing, tasty creations, such as the Caprese Cake invented by Carmine Di Fiore, around 1920. The Italian pastry chef forgot to add flour to the mixture, but once the cake was baked, its wonderful moist and soft consistency as well as its natural absence of gluten, it conquered practically all.