Color Pasta For Lunch

Jun 4, 2018

Food speaks louder than words and nothing says Italy like its food, just like nothing says Italian food like pasta!

Pasta oh Pasta… A dish that has of course always been an absolute Italian favorite and even though it has become a common household food since the 1840’s we not surprisingly just never seem to have enough of it!

Fresh pasta is one thing, but vibrantly colored fresh pasta is a completely different culinary experience. Times when you’re mixing the pasta with silky and delectable sauces and sprinkling it with light but flavorsome parmesan cheese, the color of the pasta would obviously not be of importance at all. What about the times when you want to keep things super simple yet do not want to sacrifice its presentation?

Our Chef Luca is having fun playing with colors in Lounge Cafè Italiano kitchen to add something cool and different to your everyday lunch and dinner.


How can you add the same colors of the rainbow to your homemade pasta? Using vegetables from your local vendor and saying a big NO to artificial colors!

Spinach, broccoli and finely chopped rocket leaves can be used to create a rich and vibrant green while simultaneously adding iron and fiber to your pasta. Vitamin packed beetroots can be used to add a hue of red and purple to your otherwise plain white pasta, a pinch of turmeric to brighten your day with the color yellow and flavorsome paprika for a red- orange color.

At Lounge Cafè Italiano we believe in sharing culinary secrets of our most flavorsome, appetizing dishes that leave your mouths in a state of frenzy we’re sure you won’t think the same anymore.

If you are as fascinated and enticed as we were, when we heard of what our chef was experimenting with keep checking out our blog for a fun and playful recipe that will sure add color to your Italian experience.